20 Genius Ideas For Side Hustles

You’re fed up with the day job and you want to make a change in your life so you start wondering what you could do instead of full time employment. Here are twenty ideas for side hustles to add to your list. 

  1. Take online surveys for cash – from what I hear this isn’t a huge earner but you can make some pin money from it. 
  2. Clean houses – if you are competent at cleaning your own home, you can clean for someone else. There are plenty of people who would rather pay someone else to do household chores. The trouble is, how much? And can you hack it? 
  3. Monetise a YouTube channel – as someone who has made a living on social media, I like this one, but it depends on how good your video skills and seo knowledge are. 
  4. Sell digital products online – digital products are brilliant for getting your knowledge out to as many people as possible. Some specialist knowledge, a bit of design, and a sales method are all you need. 
  5. Be a tutor – one of the biggest known ways to do this online is to get an ESL teaching certificate, but lockdown taught us that many skills can be taught online. Alternatively, teaching in person at local events or 1:1 can be lucrative. 
  6. Deliver the goods – with the rise of online shopping comes the need for delivery drivers. This is a great hustle for a hard worker who doesn’t mind being in the car all day, dealing with customer care, and is ready to hustle to win better contracts. 
  7. Start a podcast – this is an interesting one – as with all side hustles, my question is how to monetise it. Paid placements are one way, but you need a decent audience before the money flows, so be ready to run it for a while on your own time. 
  8. Design clothing – the obvious example is tee-shirts but really your style must be distinctive and your design skills exceptional to make this one work. Choose between drop shipping or storing and handling despatch. And think about where you are going to sell online or in person at markets? 
  9. Go walkies – if you love pets and walking, this will work for you and the pet owners in your local area who don’t have the time, don’t fancy picking up poo, or don’t want to take regular walks in the rain here in the UK.
  10. Driver services – this one is for the city dwellers – join Uber or Lyft as a driver. Not sure how easy or difficult it is to make a living out of this one, and it feels a lot like employment to me. 
  11. Bring the food – another spin off of lockdown is the number of home deliveries for everyday items like groceries and household essentials. They’re necessities, and everyone needs to buy them, but I reckon grocery delivery must be a pretty competitive market.   
  12. Rent a room or an entire space – if you have the space and can handle people in your space, this could be an option for you. There are obvious places to let, like AirBnB, but also niche sites if your holiday let is a little bit different or specialises in a geographic area. 
  13. Offer digital marketing – or any other skills you have – as a service based business. This can be freelance and part time so it appeals to a lot of people. Those with digital marketing skills can use them to promote their service and win clients. Win, win. 
  14. Become an affiliate marketer – another way to use digital marketing skills is to build a site or an influencer network and sell affiliate products. There are some great commissions available for the right person. 
  15. Start a blog – now, unless you want to run the blog for fun and for free, you need a plan for monetising this option too. Affiliate marketing or Google ads can provide monetisation once you have built up traffic. SEO skills can help here. 
  16. Sell your photography – provided your photos are good enough, there are a few outlets that will pay for good photography. Alternatively, you could work with a printer to get them printed up in small or large formats for sale as art. 
  17. Testing apps – app developers need testers to see if a product works as expected before it is rolled out to market or put live on an existing app. Finding this kind of gig is usually half the problem. 
  18. Speak a second language? – translation skills are often required for more complex, technical industries that need translators to understand the subtleties or the necessary jargon. Despite AI tools, this is still a sought-after skill. 
  19. Get crafty – make and sell products for consumers who are looking for items that are personalised, sustainable or simply beautiful. There are huge outlets for this type of work, like Etsy, but they can also be sold on websites or social media
  20. Last but not least and especially in light of the circular economy, sell pre-owned and pre-loved items for a profit. You need an eye for finding something that people think is ‘junk’ that is worth recycling, upcycling or is undervalued to make a healthy profit in this business. 

I could go on, but I am sure you get the idea. There are so many ways nowadays to start a side hustle that you can work on from home, evenings or weekends, until it gets to the stage where you can rely on the income.