How can I promote my small business on Facebook?

Small business owners are struggling with social media. It’s time-consuming and difficult to get any reach without advertising. I get asked ‘how can I promote my small business on Facebook?’ Here are some ideas. 

Post Engaging Content Regularly

Think about what your audience wants to see, read and watch. Test different types of post – helpful tips, entertaining jokes or posts that are community building.  

Engage With Your Followers

Social is meant to be social. Spend as much time interacting with your followers as you do posting. Respond to comments. Reply to messages. Contribute to discussions in comments and groups. 

Post More Videos

Videos get great reach. When I am asked how can I promote my small business on Facebook – this is my answer – and small business owners hate the idea. But videos are one of the best ways to promote your small business on Facebook. And you don’t have to appear on screen, although your followers will love it if you do. The movement in a video is eye-catching while people are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. They are a fun way to get your message across. Use reels, video stories and go live when you can. 

Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook recommends that businesses create a business page. Personal profiles are not supposed to be used for business. But Facebook does not reward business pages with a lot of reach. It does however give you the data you need to work out what works and what doesn’t.

Facebook recently introduced a professional profile. This still hasn’t rolled out in my area, if you have it I would love to know how well it works for you. 

Use Hashtags Sparingly and Purposefully

Don’t spam your followers with hashtags. Often businesses use the same copy from their Instagram post on Facebook and thirty hashtags looks odd. Make sure they are relevant to your business and the content you are posting. 

Stay On Brand

The whole point about posting on Facebook is to increase your brand awareness and get seen by more potential customers. They need to see and hear what your brand is about to see if it aligns with their interests and if it is available in their locality. 

Encourage User-Generated Content

People trust other users to show them what is good. That goes for reviews of products and for users showing products off in their homes and lives. Ask followers to tag your business and use your hashtags. 

Localise Your Content

If your business can only work with customers that are nearby or you have a physical shop location that customers can visit, talk about it. Make it clear in your posts where you are based and where you can help. 

Measure Your Results

Meta provides business owners (with a business page) with a wealth of tools to measure the results on Facebook. These are geared towards increasing your use of the platform, of course, but they provide valuable information on what content resonates with your followers, which type of video works best, when your users are online and more. 

How can I promote my small business on Facebook?

I hope these tips answered your question on how can I promote my small business on Facebook and they have sparked some ideas for you. You can leverage community, engagement, video content and interesting posts to grow your small business on Facebook. 

But that’s not all you should be doing. Facebook is only one aspect of marketing a business. There are plenty of other options for you to use. My training teaches websites, seo, email and social media – find out more