Instagram post ideas for small business

As a small business owner, coming up with ideas for how to show your products without it looking boring is always a challenge. Here are some Instagram post ideas for small business.

Show off your best selling products 

Yes, you might have shown them before, but don’t forget that Instagram only shows your posts to a proportion of your audience, so they might not have seen them before. You can do this with a beautiful photo or a reel with you holding the product or standing near it.

Share a before/after transformation

Did your product help someone? Examples are skin improvement, style improvement, home improvement. Ask them for a before/after photo of their transformation. Even better if they are prepared to make a timelapse of their redecoration or show off their new outfit.

Show them in action

Create a video or GIF – keep it short because scrollers on Instagram have a short attention span – to demonstrate how your product works. To create a GIF, take photos at different stages and use an online GIF maker. A video of how to apply your beauty product or how to style an outfit with your clothes or accessories, or how to position photos on the wall, how to put together a piece of furniture, how to set a timer, and so on. 

Curate a collection

One of the best Instagram post ideas for small business is curation. This works really well if you collaborate with another brand. Put together a complete collection of products that work well together. This works for fashion outfits, but can also work with dinner table settings, dressing a bed, etc. You can use a flat lay for this, or take a photo or video of the complete collection in situ.

Run a promotion

This might sound odd, but I am not a fan of competitions that attract a lot of people who are serial competition entries but have no intention of ever purchasing from you. I prefer offers where people who are customers get rewarded for their loyalty. Discounts and offers should only be run periodically, otherwise you become that store that is always on sale and it loses the value. 

Highlight the season

Work with the seasons and create photos or videos that reflect your products. Don’t over force this. It looks odd when a brand that has nothing to do with Easter starts posting about it. Keep it relevant. But if you have the perfect cushion that is a spring trend colour, shout about it. Likewise if you have the perfect gift for mother’s day or valentines day e.g. jewellery in a pretty box, post about it. 

Educate your customer

Teach your customer how to look after themselves, how to clean their homes, how to wear certain styles, what to buy for their family, how to stay healthy, etc and tie this into your products. Again, this is one that shouldn’t be forced but if you sell slimming underwear then your customers will also be interested in learning about healthy food, body image, etc. 

Work with influencers

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes. If you know a celebrity has used your product, get excited and share it. Similarly to education, if your customer is a stay at home mom, get an interior designer to show off your products. Note: you might need to pay for influencers. 

Instagram post ideas for small business

Hopefully there are a few golden nuggets for you in this selection of Instagram post ideas for small business. Sometimes we just need a reminder of things that have worked in the past that we can repeat. Remember that Instagram doesn’t show all your posts to all your fans, so you can get away with repeating post types and the same products.

If you need help running your Instagram, I’d love for you to join one of my trainings.

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