EP14 Don’t let a business bump stop you plus energy & manifesting money with guest Heather McGregor

Hello, hello hello. So today I’m going to be talking about not letting a business bump stop you from staying in business. And after that, I’ll be talking to Heather McGregor about energy and manifesting money. Well, who doesn’t want to manifest more money?

So how do you make sure that a business bump doesn’t stop you from staying in business?

We all hit hurdles in our business. Anyone who tells you that it’s all happiness and light, isn’t telling you the whole story. It’s a natural part of being an entrepreneur. Resilience is key. Things happen. Sometimes business bumps take the form of not enough sales, or not enough sales quickly enough.

Sometimes it’s hiring the wrong team member or following the wrong coach. It might be signing up for the wrong piece of tech. And before you know it, you are second guessing whether you should be in business at all. Firstly, I want to say, there’s nothing wrong with you if your business doesn’t go smoothly.

Don’t let a hurdle stop you from staying in business

I meet a lot of people who think that if it doesn’t, that being in business is not a good fit for them. That’s not necessarily true. Running a business is not easy [00:02:00] and there will be bumps along the way. That’s probably one thing I can guarantee you. If this happens, go back to your why, why did you start this business in the first place. That why will keep you going when the going gets tough?

Secondly, I want to talk about second guessing your business when you have a technical hitch or sales are not happening as quickly as you would like. Just because tech has let you down don’t give up. Or maybe you’ve had a quiet launch or you’ve not made money as quickly as you expected. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be in business or even that your offer is not any good.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, please! Building a business takes time. And there are a bunch of different factors like product and price and different kinds of promotions. I cover all of these and more in my programs.

Next, I’ll be talking to Heather McGregor, who’s a mentor and her business is called naturally present. We’re going to be talking today about energy [00:03:00] and manifesting money and also a lot more. She’s based in British Columbia in Canada. It’s an interesting and diverse conversation. And I hope that you find some nuggets in there when you listen in.

Energy and money manifesting

Hello, hello everybody. So in today’s episode, I’m going to be talking to Heather McGregor and she is the founder of a company called naturally present, which I want to explore. because I love the idea of being present. And yeah, naturally it sounds good to me too. And we’ve just been talking about the fact that she’s a mentor and she, the thing, the topic we’re gonna talk about today is energy and manifesting money, which is, everybody wants to manifest some more money.

Heather McGregor: Absolutely. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: So, hello Heather. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me.

Heather McGregor: Yeah. Thanks for inviting me Annette, it’s so great to connect [00:04:00] with you.

Annette Clubley: So tell me how you got into the energy, working in energy, how you became, how you got to the position where you are a mentor now for others.

Heather McGregor: Yeah, that’s a great question. I mean, it goes way, way back. To a 14 year backpacking trip that I did.

Annette Clubley: Oh my goodness.

Heather McGregor: It was only meant to be one year and it turned out to be 14 years just, you know, how things go and really connecting with amazing spiritual teachers and different mentors and different practices and lots of meditation and silent, which is all this kind of stuff, you know, go to different country and learn what’s going on there and all that kind of stuff.

So that led to me actually moving to a meditation center. In North Carolina where I lived for three years and did a six month meditation and learn how to teach and all that and all that, to say that it was time for me to come back home and, you know, then I got the job in marketing and communications and the marriage and the kid and all that stuff.

And then there was that knock on the head, right that day. It was like, you know what? You’re not, you’re not following the right path for you. [00:05:00] So, you know, all that old stuff that I’d learned back way back in the, in the backpacking time that came back and you know, and then connected with new teachers and new mentors and things along the way.

So that’s how it all started.

Annette Clubley: Fabulous! I love the idea of a 14 year backpacking trip.

Heather McGregor: It was long!.

Annette Clubley: So when you started out to did you just intend, like a gap year, and then it just expanded?

Heather McGregor: Yep. I had gone to university for one year. Then I took the second year off and I went to Europe and did kind of the Eurail and lived in London and worked. Then I went back, came back to Canada to continue my studies. And I was like, you know what, I need to go.

So I took another year off, meant to be another one year and that’s how the 14 years unfolded.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I used to work with a lot of NGOs in Africa before I moved. And, and we had a lot of people that came out on a year long stint or a three-year long stint or whatever. And a lot of them had problems [00:06:00] readjusting when they got back, you know? They, their eyes have been open to this whole world.

Heather McGregor: That’s exactly what happened for me. I met people who weren’t following that standard path. We’d all been told you need to do. And it just opened my eyes. So when I tried to fit myself back in, I was like, Hm, uhuh, it’s not for me.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. It’s not a good fit. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And so I’ve got to ask the question, how did you fund the 14 years? I mean, did you work as you moved around?

Heather McGregor: Absolutely. Yeah. So you know, I went to Australia and did a bunch of travelling and then I worked in Sydney for a while. Then I lived, actually lived in Hong Kong, was the home base for a couple of years. And so I would go there to, to do some waitressing or working office temp work, and then I’d go off and travel and go back and, and that sort of thing.

Learning how to manifest

So yeah, I worked along the way and just, there were a few places where I, you know, I did learn how to paint houses and I learned how to lay tiles and I did whatever I could do to fund it. It just, and it was one of those that’s where I really learned about the magic of manifestation really. Putting a foot [00:07:00] forward and just trusting that things will work out and then suddenly a door opens and you say yes to it, and then it leads you to the next and the next and the next, I mean, honestly, it was meant to be one year and it turned into 14 because of that trust in how life works.

And I didn’t realize it at the time. It’s not like I had this awareness that that was happening. But in hindsight it was like, oh yeah, there it is.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And do you think that was because you were younger and so therefore you were more open to it?

Heather McGregor: Absolutely. Yeah, no mortgage, no kids.

Annette Clubley: Exactly. Yeah.

Heather McGregor: It changes for sure.

Annette Clubley: Yeah, yeah.

Heather McGregor: But the reality of it and the teachings of it and the experience of it are still valid.

It’s just that, you know, I got caught up in the different mentality of trying to fit in that square box again and letting all that go. And so that’s when I say that, knock on the head came was kind of like, you know what? You know better than this. And so bringing it to life while I’m existing in the same, in the [00:08:00] box with the mortgage and all that stuff. So…

Annette Clubley: Mhmm,, exactly. I was going to say it is possible to trust like that and go with the flow like that even when you’ve got a mortgage, even when you’ve got a family, you know, I know people who are traveling, I know people who, yeah, they, you know, they cover their mortgage every month they stay in one place, but they’re still in that flow. I think. You know what I mean? And they, and they just, they don’t stress about it. They’re kind of, they trust that things will work out and it, you know, it all happens as it needs to happen. Basically they’re open to you know, and they’re open to the fact that it might change as well. They’re open to the fact that at some point they might choose not to have a house and a mortgage anymore, and they might decide to go off and do something else if that’s where they need to be. And I, yeah, I think that’s incredible. Cause I struggle with that myself.

Heather McGregor: We all do. I mean exactly what you said, like staying open to that possibility. When in our mind we get fixated, like this is where I’m at now. This is the path [00:09:00] I’m on. And then it closes off those windows and doors. And so. Staying open, like you say, you never know, maybe, maybe next month it’s to sell and move, who knows? And there’s other people along on the journey now, too. Right. The partner and the kids and that kind of stuff. So, yeah. It’s definitely made its challenges.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. So you then went into the marketing communications corporate career. And did the mortgage and do the married and the children and all of that sort of thing. And then you decided that you were not in the right place. Yeah. So did you then train before you launched out to do something as a, as a, as a side hustle?

Heather McGregor: Oh, I should have. Yeah. So interestingly enough, the marketing and communications corporate time was also 14 years. I seem to have these 14 year cycles.

And so my original intention when I left was to set up a VA business so I could continue doing marketing and communications, but just work for myself. And it was going really, really well, but I realized that. I’m [00:10:00] still not doing what I want to do. I’m working 16 hours a day. I don’t have an it department and all the other things that came with the corporate job, it wasn’t right, the right fit.

So during that time, then I started to get into learning about the coaching. Someone, a friend of mine called me one day and I was like, you know what? I just don’t know what to do. And she said, look, I just read this article about life coach, it was the first time I’d ever heard the term. And she said, and I thought of you because I always call you when I have a problem.

And it was like this. Shivery energy fell down. And so that, that started me questioning and researching and taking programs and trainings and stuff like that from there. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: So how far into your next 14 years are you?

Heather McGregor: I think about four now. Three or four. So we’ll see, I’ve got about 10 more ahead of me. We’ll see.

The difficulty with sales as a coach

Annette Clubley: Brilliant, brilliant. And do you find now. I don’t know how well you loved your marketing and communications work, but do you find now that because you’re in the right place, it, [00:11:00] it feels easier. That is the only way I can describe it.

Heather McGregor: That is a great question, because I’d love to say yes, but I’m actually going to say quite the opposite because when you’re marketing someone else’s business, that’s easy. When you’re marketing yourself, that is challenging.

Annette Clubley: It is.

Heather McGregor: And, you know, I teach a lot about sales. I’ve got this challenge coming up about sales I’ve got this program about sales and it’s, I mean, essentially you’re selling yourself when you’re in this business, you are selling your self, your products, your services, whatever it is you do, but it’s you, and that’s a whole different gamut of marketing.

So, I mean, I learned some fantastic skills that are applicable here to a degree, but it’s, it’s very, very different. And I’d say way harder.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. Yeah, definitely. In terms of the marketing, definitely in terms of the marketing, because I’ve been through that journey myself of, you know, I’ve worked marketing other people’s businesses for them for decades. And then transitioned into, well, now I’m going to market their business as a freelancer on my own.[00:12:00] And, and then I branched out and started marketing myself. So I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Heather McGregor: You know!

Annette Clubley: So much more difficult to market yourself, particularly when you are the business. There is no, you know, there’s no differentiation between who you are as a person and who the business is. It’s not another entity. It is you, you are the business as a coach. Basically.

Heather McGregor: Exactly. And one of the practices I’m I, I do for myself, I’m learning and studying and also bring to my clients in shadow alchemy. And I tell you, when you’re marketing yourself, you will, it brings up all your shadows. It’s a great opportunity to every limiting belief, every doubt, every uncertainty, every fear, all of it comes up.

Whereas when you’re marketing some something for someone else, you don’t have that same opportunity. And so. For me. Yes. It’s, I’m got a business and I’m building and it’s marketing and it’s all that stuff, but it’s also my own personal journey. And the more I bring that alive in my marketing and in my content, [00:13:00] in, in, in right.

Whatever I’m plugged into. If I bring that current into what I’m doing, it’s way more powerful than trying to follow a standard marketing structure and that kind of thing.

Annette Clubley: Yes, yes. Yes. I think if that underlying work hasn’t been done, you can’t market yourself.

Heather McGregor: It’s so hard.

Annette Clubley: You’ve got too much else that you need to be dealing with first, before you can go out there and market yourself.

So, yeah, I totally agree with that. Totally agree with that. So you’ve touched on shadow alchemy, and I think that you’re absolutely right there is that w working as an entrepreneur, working for yourself, working as a coach, you have to, it brings up all sorts of things that date back from way back when things you never even think about.

And then you start wondering why you can’t move forward. Why it’s not working out the way that you anticipated it was going to work out why it isn’t easier because you thought it was going to be easy. And all of that sort of thing. And then you start unpacking all of these things that have been around all your life, [00:14:00] basically.

And don’t get challenged as you say, when you’re an employee and you’ve got a nice, you know, salary cheque coming in every month, you’re not challenged to look at these things, not challenged to look at how you make money. You’re not trying to say, you know, where’s the next sale going to come from. There is none of that going on.

So what is shadow alchemy?

Shadow alchemy & archetypes

Heather McGregor: It’s a great question. Yeah. I mean, essentially we work with archetypes, so there’s eight archetypes four in each channel. So I won’t really go into those, but it’s really understanding, you know, really being clear on what your truest desire is. So that’s about unplugging from the collective, unplugging from all these boxes, like we’ve talked about. Really understanding what is your true soul level desire, and then, you know, being able to stand for that, like put your value in it, stand for that and nothing else.

Activate your warrior. The one that takes the light, here’s the intuition and takes that action no matter what. [00:15:00] And also like we talked about earlier, you know, allowing the magic, getting the saboteur to, to shut the heck up so that the magician and the magic can come in and do its work. So it’s really working with the archetypal energies and understanding the shadow side of it, and also the power side of the light side of it, so that you can identify.

When you’re in shadow, use the practice to flip your energy because it’s not about mindset. That’s just one level. It’s really about the energy that you’re hosting in your body. And so it’s about flipping, flipping from shadow all the way over to the power side of the archetypes and doing everything from that place. That’s the process of alchemy obviously is, is, you know, changing from one thing to another. So the alchemy is flipping that entry.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. So is it to some extent, you know, from a mindset point of view, you would go from going from working from a place of fear, for example, towards money, into a mindset of abundance, about money, you know, and I could see that fitting into your, to your two sides.

Heather McGregor: Yeah, it definitely [00:16:00] fits, but it’s not just mindset. I worked for years with mindset. It actually doesn’t change much. Because that’s the realm of the saboteurs. That’s where we say in our mind, I am abundant. I have abundance I’m going to bring money and we feel good because the thoughts in our head are saying these positive things.

But in reality, nothing’s changing. The change comes when your energy. And your mind, the whole thing, mind, body. So everything is in that vibrational place together, all in the power side of the archetypes. And when that alignment happens, that’s it, it’s a lot more than just a mental activity.

Annette Clubley: Okay Very interesting..

Heather McGregor: Not in the mindset.

Annette Clubley: That’s when the magic happens basically.

Heather McGregor: That’s when the magic happens. Exactly.. And so another part of my practice is quantum flow and that’s all about the body. It’s a breath work and a physical movement to release stuff from our nervous system, from our organs, from your muscle. So really getting the body, online essentially, so that everything is in that center core of, of clarity.

This is what I desire. [00:17:00] This is what I stand for. This is what I value. This is what I will have and taking the action to do it. But it comes from that place of being plugged into the current of your desire. If that makes sense.

Comparisonitis and copying others in business

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense to me. Yeah. Yeah, that must be really fascinating. Do you find that it’s quite common, because I think about the ladies that I work with and the ladies that I work, suffer a lot from the comparisonitis, you know? They’re always so busy watching what everybody else is doing. And then they think, oh, well, because that person’s doing it, I must do it. And they don’t go well, what do I want? You know, how do I want to run my business?

How do I want to, you know what do I stand for basically? And you know what do I, what are my goals and how, you know, how can I get there? Rather than this is what someone’s told me to [00:18:00] do.

Heather McGregor: Yeah.

Annette Clubley: And I’m going to do what I’m told to do.

Heather McGregor: Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Or this is someone doing something and I admire them. So therefore, I’m going to do what they’re doing and I’m going to, I’m going to you know follow them basically and do whatever they do, even when it doesn’t really sit well with them. Yeah. Yeah. I find that a lot.

Heather McGregor: Yeah. I think there’s, you know, for a while, W w w if we talk about this as an industry, as it grew, there was a lot of formulas and templates and copy and paste and for a little while it worked, but now we’re not in that time or space. And so, you know, the, the audience out there, the people looking to work with you are much more savvy we’re inundated with the same templated copycat stuff. It has no power..

Annette Clubley: Yes..

Reclaiming your power in business

Heather McGregor: And so shadow alchemy is about reclaiming your power. It’s about unlocking from your nervous system, from your mindset, all the places where power is held hostage. And so it’s about unlocking it. When you unlock your power, you access your unique genius and [00:19:00] you bring that to everything you do.

Now you have something to work with, but if you’re looking at someone else. And trying to replicate it’s you’re not, you’re plugged into their current, you’re not plugged into your current. And so at the beginning of this, you asked about my business naturally present. So as you know, I have the background in teaching meditation, but it all comes down to being present with yourself.

And the more we’re looking at what other people are doing and, and plugging into that current. You’re not present. You’re not with yourself. You’re not with your genius. You’re not with your own power. And when you come up to the blocks, your power’s left, you got to do something, whether it’s shadow alchemy, Quantico, whatever your practice is to release that power so that you can just be plugged into your own current and allowing that flow to come through.

That’s where the magic is. And that’s where it’s so unique that it cuts through the chatter of Facebook or whatever social media you’re on.

Annette Clubley: Mm mm mm. Mm. It goes deeper, it goes deeper, it sounds like.

Heather McGregor: It goes deeper.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. And it is very difficult to [00:20:00] turn off that chatter that’s constantly going on. Isn’t it? So I can get down to the core of what you really want…

Heather McGregor: And, and being able to step up and really stand for your truth.

You know, a lot of times, and I know a lot of my clients do they water down. Or they try to use the same language someone else is using, or try to soften their message and that’s not owning your truth. It lacks the power because you’re not plugged into your truth. And when you’re plugged into your truth and you let that come through, it doesn’t matter how else anyone is saying.

It doesn’t matter if you use the right, right language. It doesn’t matter because there’s a current to it. It’s current, it’s present it’s energy and people feel that. That’s the magnetism we want.

Annette Clubley: Fabulous. I’m just about to teach a class called own it. I’ve actually titled it own it.

Heather McGregor: How wonderful. Perfect.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. So obviously the question that immediately comes to my mind is how do you do that? You know, I [00:21:00] should imagine, it’s not something that you can say to me now well, here’s two things you need to do, and it’s all sorted. I should imagine it’s a process. If you know, it doesn’t happen overnight.

How to reclaim power and know you are in the right business

Heather McGregor: Yep. I, my, my advice that I have a couple of things, number one is you do whatever it is right for you to learn to be present. And it’s not just about learning how to be present. It’s about making it a priority. We make our websites a priority. We make marketing, we make so many family a priority, whatever, it’s all these priorities, but we don’t make being present.

It’s not sexy. It’s not going to bring me in your mind a million dollars, right. Being present, like what does that? But it’s actually the basis of everything. And when you can be super, super present. Then, you know, when you’re in shadow energy, then you know, when you’re in a victim role, rather than a power role or a warrior, right?

You, you, you pick up on those clues because life is always giving us the clues and you’re able to sense them or hear them, or see them or catch them so that you can pivot quickly and make a different decision [00:22:00] quickly or take a different action in the moment rather than, well, I see that shot. I’m going to go deal with it next Tuesday, because I have some time at 12 o’clock right?

It’s an in the moment thing. And so do what you can to make being present a priority. Do what you can to be willing to deal with the crap that comes up from being present, because that’s the most important key. And I do have a free video series that talks about the different archetypes. And so I’m happy to give that to your listeners.

It’s just, you just sign up and you get the videos. There’s five videos in there. So learn the archetypes and understand how those energies show up for you in your life, because it’s there in every area, money, health, relationships. All of it. So learn about those energies so that you can catch them. That’s my best advice.

And you know, it’s, it’s really, there’s no perfection, as we know. You take a step forward, you do it out of fear or some shadow energy, but you will learn the lesson because you’re present. Then you make a different choice. But if you don’t learn the lesson, if you don’t see the gift that, that [00:23:00] fumbling presented, you’re going to keep doing the same thing over and over and have the same result.

Annette Clubley: Mm. Mm. Because you haven’t stopped and looked at it basically.

Heather McGregor: Yeah, yeah.

Annette Clubley: And done the work to get over it.

Heather McGregor: And done the work to flip it.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. I know what I was going to say to you. I was going to say to you, what was, do you think women don’t own it because they’re afraid of what other people will think of them when they say what they really want.

Heather McGregor: Absolutely. It’s the, it’s the foundational channel of the archetypes. It’s the prostitute and the lover. And the prostitute doesn’t value herself. Doesn’t put herself, is afraid of what other people will think. She’s going to get kicked out. She’ll she’ll take a little bit, she’ll settle for that. Because it’s something right now.

Whereas the lovers, like hmm this is what I desire. This is what I value. This is what I stand for. I’m worth it and all that. So, yeah, absolutely. And that sets the tone for all the other archetypes to know how to plug in. Yeah. Yeah. When you can figure that one up then. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. [00:24:00] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Cause again, that comes up in the work that I do with people that I work with. Is that feeling that you can’t really be honest about what they really want because somebody might not like what they’re saying basically. Yeah, really fascinating. Okay. So now how do you, you’ve mentioned you’ve got a challenge and so that’s a group challenge, I am assuming?

Heather McGregor: Yeah.

Annette Clubley: It’s on Facebook?

Heather McGregor: Yeah, it’s called it’s it’s. Yeah, actually. Sorry. No, it’s not. Okay. So I’m just going to backtrack a bit. So I have had some struggles with Facebook lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been unable to go live randomly. I’ve been on the phone with Facebook. There’s nothing on my profile anyway, all that to say. So it’s actually happening on YouTube.

And all the replays will be posted on my Facebook group. This is my first time doing it on YouTube, but I’ve had to come up with something that I know is going to work and not cut me out.

Annette Clubley: Yes.

Heather McGregor: So it’s happening on YouTube. I’ll post the replays on my Facebook group. That’s how that’s happening.

Annette Clubley: [00:25:00] So it’s public on YouTube?

Heather McGregor: It will be. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Wow.

Heather McGregor: Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay.

Heather McGregor: Yeah. Yeah. Well, there is the registration page for that. And then as I say everything, all, there’s assignments that come with it. All of that will be posted in the private group. So your work will be private, but I am going, I am going on YouTube, yeah.

Annette Clubley: Brilliant. I’ll be really interested in finding out how that works out for you. You’re not the, you’re not the only person I know who’s having problems as far as Facebook, and Facebook lives and… Yeah. Yeah. Just Facebook is all over the place as usual. You know.

Heather McGregor: Yes I do. I’ve connected with so many people who are experiencing the same thing as me. So in that vein, I’ve also started developing my own group outside of Facebook, a private platform that has no ads, no distractions. It’s just focused work. So it’s still in the beginning stages, but I’m really excited about that.

Annette Clubley: Yes, yes. That would be really good. So you have the group challenge and then do you have a program, [00:26:00] as well? Or a membership?

Heather McGregor: I do I have a program coming up called from offers to sales. So it’s a six week program and it’s very, hands-on, you’re going to actually come with an existing offer that we’re going to clean up or start a new offer. You’re going to do the marketing. You’re going to get feedback on your marketing posts. You’re going to do a launch and you’re going to book sales calls during this program. So it’s very, hands-on, I’ve got my eyes on everything you’re doing.

It’s it’s I’m very excited about that. And then my mastermind is called bold cashflow. It’s about really owning who you are ,owning your truth and being bold about your desires. Going out and doing the work to make them happen, to make them a reality. So there’s a lot of shots, shadow alchemy in there. I teach some of the quantum flow methods as well in that program.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And so how long has that, is that a longer program?

Heather McGregor: Yeah. Bold cashflows four months. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we touched on this earlier. It’s not an overnight fix. I don’t think no?

Heather McGregor: No, no. A hundred percent not.

Annette Clubley: That’s unfortunate.

Heather McGregor: That would be nice.

Annette Clubley: Just sort my [00:27:00] life out. Thanks.

Heather McGregor: I’m going to take my plug outta here, plug it in there. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Yes, yes, wouldn’t that be brilliant. I would like that. Okay, great. So you’ve got quite a lot going on there.

Heather McGregor: I do. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Yeah.

Heather McGregor: I need the energy to, to, to be plugged in so that I can carry it all forward, but it’s, I love it. I absolutely love what I do and the people I get to help and, and just, you know, for me that moment where you actually see the flip in some way,

Annette Clubley: Yes.

Heather McGregor: Like, it’s just so profound. Thet’s where I love …

Annette Clubley: Yes I love that. I love that too. I love that when someone, you know, goes, aha, I know what I’m doing now. And I’m, you know, I’m aligned with it and it’s, and I can go with it and I know exactly what I needed to do and they just get on with it. That’s my, yeah. That’s my favorite basically.

And, okay, so do you. Normally steer people to move to a website to contact you, or do you normally steer people to Facebook or somewhere like that to contact you?

Heather McGregor: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, my website is naturallypresent.com. I I do post my [00:28:00] programs and things on there, so that’s a great place to start, but I am mostly on Facebook for business building.

So obviously Heather McGregor is my personal profile. My group is called reclaim power and make money matter. So there’s a Facebook group there. So yeah, either way my naturallypresent.com website or my Facebook group are a great place to find me.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. And what was the kind of say to you? It’s gone? It must’ve been a lie.

Heather McGregor: We cleared that one out.

Annette Clubley: It was something to do with it’s gone, it’s gone, whatever it wants, it’s gone.

Heather McGregor: It left the room.

Annette Clubley: It left the room. I’ll remember as soon as we get off the call you know, as happens.

Okay, brilliant. So thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me today. It’s been lovely meeting you, e-meeting you.

Heather McGregor: Yeah. Yeah, I really [00:29:00] appreciate it. It’s great to have a conversation with you.

Annette Clubley: It is.

Find Heather on her website naturallypresent.com or connect with her on Facebook & join her Facebook group Reclaim Power & Make Money Matter