EP18 – continuity in business and losing weight with guest Vicki Marks

Hello, hello, Hello. So today I’m going to be talking about continuity. And after that, I’ll be talking to Vicki Marks about losing weight and getting fit. Don’t miss it if you’re interested in losing weight, particularly, but first let’s talk about continuity.

I’ve been missing from my podcast for nearly a month.

If you listened to the last episode, you could hear that I’ve got a bad chest cold. Well, it got worse. I’ve not been very well at all. The business side of my business, where I worked for clients. That work got done. This side of my business, the podcasts, which actually I do just for fun and to help promote others, didn’t get done. For a start. I couldn’t speak let alone run interviews.

It’s worth thinking about if you’re a startup or a solopreneur, make plans for what will happen. If for any reason you can’t do the work .You might need to prioritize. Like I did. Cross fingers you will never need it, but it will help you to know what your backup plan is.

Next I’m going to be talking to Vicki Marks about all things weight loss. Vicki is a personal trainer and [00:02:00] nutrition coach who works from her own home studio. And also with clients around the globe. It’s a fun conversation.

Hello. Hello. Hello. So everybody I’m talking today to Vicky Cumberworth or Vicky Marks? Which one?

Vicki Marks: Well, that’s the question. Cumberworth is my maiden name.

Annette Clubley: Marks.

Vicki Marks: Call me Marks today

Annette Clubley: I meant to ask you this before we started anyway. So Vicky is a female health and fat loss specialist. And so that’s going to be a fantastic topic because all of us want to lose a bit of fat, don’t we? So, well, hello, welcome. So come on. How do you, how did it get started? Tell us how you got started.[00:03:00]

..Can you hear me?

Vicki Marks: I can hear you, but I don’t know what’s happening. Why is it doing this?

Annette Clubley: It’s fine for me.

Vicki Marks: Okay. I can hear you now. I can hear you now.

Annette Clubley: Okay. So tell us how you got started.

So I started way back now, just over 19 years ago now and I kind of fell into the fitness industry really. Was doing a levels.

I was, I had these places at university to go and study psychology and it just got to the day where that decision had to be made and I just didn’t want to go. And so it was a bit of a bold decision, but I just said, I’m just going to turn down all these universities places and do another eight level while I think about what I really want to do.

And so that’s what I did. And And I started going to the gym cause I thought, oh, I’m gonna just get fit in this time. If I’ve got a bit more time on my [00:04:00] hands. So I was very young. I was like 17 and going to the gym and I saw this lady teaching aerobics classes and I thought, oh, that would be a good little job to have on the side.

Burnout from too much exercise

I might go and learn that. So. And this is kind of like what I do. I like, look at some things. I could do that. And off I go, so I went and learnt it. And before I knew it, I was teaching 29 classes a week. I was loving it. And I felt like I was finding a passion inside of me. And then I kind of wore myself out with all this high intensity exercise I got, I gave myself adrenal fatigue.

I was absolutely floored by it. So decided to kind of like have a look at what else there was in the fitness industry. And that’s when I started to really delve into personal training and nutrition and mindset. And, and then kind of spent 13 years bringing my package together, working in a gym. Working with lots of women, lots of men, lots of, lots of people, of all different [00:05:00] ages, shapes and sizes and kind of found my passion.

And then kind of six, seven years ago, I moved into my own space, which is my garage at the side of my house, where I hold all my one-to-one sessions now. And I launched three years over three years ago, an online platforms. Like it’s my favorite thing, it is my baby. And the fact that I get to help over 215 women from all over the world, completely transform their lives is like the best thing in the world. It’s coolest thing.

Yeah. Yeah. Fabulous. So that’s a membership?

Vicki Marks: Is a membership. Yeah.

Annette Clubley: That’s the membership. Okay. Okay. Yeah, that sounds fabulous. So now you’ve got a nice balance?. You’ve got a nice balance.

Vicki Marks: Very nice balance..

Annette Clubley: Cause we were talking about the 29 classes. I was thinking, oh no, I thought, I don’t know how you could do that.

Vicki Marks: I wouldn’t do it any more! No way I learned the hard way with that one I learned the hard way.

Annette Clubley: [00:06:00] Yes. Because I think you can over-exercise. I think?

Vicki Marks: A hundred percent. And I think this is something that I do think there’s a bit of a. A bit of a question and we’re all in the fitness industry about this, because I meet many women that tell me they can’t start their fitness journey because they haven’t got time.

The right way to exercise

But actually. If you could just dedicate 20 minutes, three times a week to exercise good quality training. I mean, like following a program, I’m really hot on that. Following something that, you know, you’re going to get a lot of big bang for your buck. Like 20 minutes. I need to get the best out of this 20 minutes I can.

Three times a week. So an hour a week. You would get phenomenal results alongside eating well, when, you know, just generally moving yourself more. So I learned the hard way a long time ago that when, especially when a woman over exercises, there’s definitely a price to pay for that. And that’s a hormonal balance.

And I [00:07:00] completely wrecked my adrenals. It took me six months to basically rebuild my body again, after completely trashing in it with high cardio exercise, exhaustive exercise. And the truth is it can be so much easier than that. It doesn’t have to be that way. So yeah, it’s a big stigma in the industry because I think women have this belief that you have to do so much to achieve what you want to achieve.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. Yes, absolutely. And that’s one of the benefits of an online membership or an online program is that you don’t have, you’re A) not geographically limited to your local area, but B it’s, it means that I can take that 20 minutes out, three times a week. I don’t have to travel to a gym.

Vicki Marks: 100%.

Annette Clubley: Then come home again. I don’t have to find somebody to babysit the kids because the kids can be running around in the background. You know, all of that sort of thing. It just makes us it so much more achievable, doesn’t it?

Finding time to exercise

Vicki Marks: A hundred percent. It was really, it’s really a [00:08:00] big revelation for a lot of my members, because for years and years and years, they couldn’t exercise or they couldn’t look after themselves because they didn’t have the time to fit it in, whereas when you can do it all at home, it’s amazing because the kids, you can just give them their dinner and do your exercise while they’re having their dinner, or, you know, get up just that little bit earlier and you can do it. And you’ve always got that resource there to, to go to, but the reason I launched it in the first place was I really felt the.., I think women need support. 24 7

Annette Clubley: Yes.

Vicki Marks: I’m I’m. I used to see people once a week and an hour a week for me. Although I would send them stuff to have a look at and to do in between sessions, I found it just wasn’t getting done. I think the answer for a woman is a community of other women that are lifting [00:09:00] them up and telling them they can do it and cheerleading them and having that place that you can go and you can post something.

And you know that if not me, because I’m very proactive in there, someone else is going up you get, go and do it. It’s just a revelation and it just makes it all work so much more efficiently.

Annette Clubley: Yes, yes, I’m absolutely 100% of fan of accountability. I think there’s two parts to that. There’s the day when you’re feeling like you just can’t do this and you post and someone else goes, I know exactly how you feel. And, you know, you’re not alone and you know, you’re not the only one and that then you can move forward from that. And there’s also that day when you go on and you go urgh and everybody goes, come on and then once you get going. You’re fine. Aren’t you? And you just needed that.

Vicki Marks: 100%.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. You needed that boost basically. And I think,

Vicki Marks: We need both those things.

Annette Clubley: Yeah, they really need it. They really need it,

Encouragement to exercise

Vicki Marks: Yeah, and I think women just [00:10:00] women, especially, I think we do really well have a tribe behind us. Like, I think it’s just part of, I dunno if it’s like an evolutionary thing or like when we were cave women and doing all the things, there was always other cave women that were doing the things with us. And I just think it’s a really cool thing.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. I think that, I think it is. I think we have an inbuilt need for relationships. And to keep relationships going. And I think as woman, and I think that’s why we do so well in a group.

Vicki Marks: A hundred percent

Annette Clubley: ..than on our own. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So sorry. So controversially, I also believe that you can diet too much. I am a fan of somebody. I don’t, I think you can get too thin. I think there is a, there is a point which is the weight that you’re meant to be and staying that weight consistently over the longer term is better for you, even if it’s one [00:11:00] pound more than you think you should be or two pounds more than you think you should be, then yo-yo dieting.

Vicki Marks: Yes, I, I, and so I haven’t look, I did, I have done a talk about this, I can’t remember where I did it.

Annette Clubley: Look it up and send me the link!

Maintaining a healthy weight

I will go and find it. Where i talk about how losing weight and gaining weight is actually really easy, but actually to maintain a weight healthily for a long period of time, if you can do that, you know, you’ve absolutely nailed it because, I mean, a lot of people are spending their life losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, and not just by a few pounds here and there.

Like we all do that. Even myself, like I’m talking like I lose four stone, I gained five stone. I lose three stone, I gain four stone. Very stressful on the body. And usually to be able to drop and increase, that huge amount of [00:12:00] weight, you have to do it in a way the body doesn’t particularly like it, and that causes stress and it causes dis-ease in the body, which I always liked this little analogy in that if you break up the word disease, it’s just dis-ease and we want to cause, or we want to create as much ease in the body as possible so that it keeps us healthy for the long-term.


Vicki Marks: I’m not saying that if you know, you are really overweight that you should just try and keep that.

Annette Clubley: No `I am not either.

Vicki Marks: Like? That you need to improve your health then to do it in a really sustainable way. For sure.

Annette Clubley: Oh, you’re back!

Vicki Marks: Not playing ball with me today. So, yeah. If you know, ok I’m not a weight that I know I should be, then it’s taking action upon that, [00:13:00] but in a sustainable, healthy health at the forefront of your mind, way to get to a point where, you know, like, You can live your life. You can eat well, you can exercise, you feel confident and you can maintain it. Like that’s the ultimate goal.

Annette Clubley: Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Because that rapid there’s, you know, there’s no magic wand. It’s a long-term thing. Isn’t it? There is no, you know, lose weight overnight and keep it off.

Vicki Marks: Yeah. I did talk in my Instagram stories about this yesterday because I try not, you know, I try not to scroll on Facebook a lot, because for most people they get, I hate the word triggered, but they get triggered by the perfect lives or the perfect. But I find it really hard to keep my mouth shut when I see posts like I’m going on holiday in two weeks, what diet can I do to lose a stone?

And I’m like, oh my God, with love. I want to [00:14:00] grab that person and go, no, don’t do it. Do this instead, because there is no magic wand. You can’t magic wand, your way to health. It is so much more than that. And I think when we can see. We can see it differently to weight loss, and we actually just see it as improving our health. It can be such a more pleasant experience.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. The better question is how can I maintain my weight so that every year when I go on holiday, I’m happy with how I look.

100%. It’s like the wardrobe as well as. How can I get to a point where. I’m looking after my body. I’m looking after my health and I can wear the clothes in my wardrobe. All of them, not the ..Size 12 at one end. size 18 at the other, like I just wear my clothes that are in my wardrobe. Yeah.

Yes, yes, yes. Not [00:15:00] divided wardrobes. I know people like that divided wardrobes with clothes of different sizes and they buy all of these clothes that they’re going to wear sometime when they lose the weight, you know, all of that sort of thing.

Okay. So what do you think we should. Yeah, this is too big a question. I think. What do you think we should be doing? You’ve already mentioned exercising a couple of times a week, maybe a shorter burst, couple of times a week. What kinds of exercise do you think we should be doing? And does it matter what age you are?

Strength training for women

Vicki Marks: No. So I’m a massive advocate of strength training. I think, no matter what age you are, I think we should all be having a go at strength training. I always watch how I say lifting weights because women usually go, Arrgh I can’t do that.

Annette Clubley: i don’t want to do that.

Vicki Marks: I’m not doing it, I’m going to get big muscles, but it [00:16:00] is by far the best form of exercise. Any woman of any age of any shape should be doing, because it’s not just because you change your body very quickly.

You can find a confidence in your body very fast from changing the shape of your body by using weights, but also the longevity of your body. So protecting your joints and keeping yourself away from arthritis and that real inward training where. Cardiovascular exercise. I would always call outwards.

You’re giving out way more out than you are bringing in. Whereas when we lift weights, I call it like inward training. So we’re building lean muscle. We’re supporting our joints. We bring in so much to our body in those sessions. And of course, as well, releasing less cortisol as well, which we always want to do less of.

So But when I say lifting weights, it doesn’t mean lifting big weights at the gym. Doesn’t mean any of that, it’s like you can do that at home with [00:17:00] a kettlebell or a dumbbell or or you know, like anything, it doesn’t have to be going into the gym and lifting like big old weights in the gym. It can just be a little dumbbell and a little kettlebell at home with a map.

So I think women get a little bit scared of it cause they think they’re going to build massive muscle by doing it. But actually we can all do weights, weight training from home. And a lot of my members do lots of weight training from home and they’ve just got a dumbbell.

Annette Clubley: Okay.

Vicki Marks: So it’s very easily done. And I just think, I said earlier about big bang for your buck as well in that we can achieve so much in such a short period of time. And the coolest part with lifting weights is we burn fat for 48 hours after that training program. So it’s like creating your own little engine inside your body to speed up that metabolism and get everything working functionally.

So I’m a massive advocate of strength training. And I think if anyone listening to this is like, what, how do I just get started? It’s like [00:18:00] adding some strength training in, going out for a walk when you get a chance to take 10 minutes and just eating more regularly and focusing on maybe having more vegetables, a bit more lean protein and a bit more of the good fats.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. And all of that sounds really achievable, you know?

Vicki Marks: Very achievable.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. I think the worry about weight training is will I develop muscles? And then if I stop, will that all just go to fat.

Vicki Marks: Yes. I hear this all the time, all the time from women. They’re like, oh, I can’t do that. Because if I build muscle number one, I might look like I’m a muscle lady. And number two, what if I stop?

But as women, our ability to build big muscle is so limited. Like I’ve been weight training for 15 odd years now. And building muscle is hard. It’s not an [00:19:00] easy feat, it’s really quite tough. So women don’t even have to think that far. They don’t even have to think about, they don’t have to think about that. And generally I think when you start bringing resistance training into your life a couple of times a week and consistently is what we’re looking for.

Feeling good about exercise

And generally what I find with a lot of my women is when they stop they don’t lose loads of muscle and go, oh they miss it from a mental point of view. They’re like, that makes me feel really good. I need to keep doing it. So it’s rare that women stop for long and then they, like, I have to get back to doing that again, because actually it makes me a much better person.

So it’s just about consistency and it doesn’t mean weight training five times a week. It means it’s a couple of times a week to make your body better. You know,

Annette Clubley: I’m loving the idea of burning fats up 24 hours afterwards. I have to say!

Vicki Marks: I know! Who wouldn’t want to do [00:20:00] that!

Annette Clubley: And also presumably a bit of the feel good feeling is as you say, reducing cortisol?

Vicki Marks: Right, so…

Annette Clubley: Am I right?.

Vicki Marks: So by obviously we release endorphins when we train, which is amazing. And we do that, whether we do cardio or weights, whatever form of training we do, we do release endorphins, which is amazing. But what we release less off with more controlled resistance training is cortisol.

Annette Clubley: Okay..

Vicki Marks: Which, when we’re releasing endorphins, it’s great. But say diving out for a five mile run, you are going to release cortisol at the same time. And, many women that I know are highly stressed, highly busy, frantic women, and more cortisol is definitely not what they need. So I think it’s about looking at that big holistic approach as well and saying if this is something you want to consistently do, then resistance [00:21:00] training is the way forward because you are going to be able to consistently do it without burnout.

And I do find, I see a lot of women starting running or an aerobics class or something high intensity. And it just doesn’t last for long until they get poorly. And generally it’s because they’re releasing cortisol all day, every day at work with kids and busy life. And then they’re running every day as well.

Releasing more cortisol, six weeks down the line. Bam, their body says no more. They crash. They burn they’re real. They need five days out, which leads to two weeks of no exercise, which leads to start it all over again. So the pattern is just so clear for me to see, but a lot of women have to learn this stuff all by themselves. Really.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. That absolutely makes sense to me. Absolutely makes sense to me. And as I say it, what you’re talking about really sounds quite achievable to me, [00:22:00] you know. I’m already eating pretty healthily. I think I’m already doing the walking more, already doing a couple of batches of exercise a week, you know, maybe potentially there could be moving some of the exercise that I do to other types of exercise, So yeah.

Vicki Marks: Yeah.

Annette Clubley: Yep. Yep. I can see how that could quite easily fit into anybody’s day. Really.

Vicki Marks: Definitely. It is. I think a big mission of mine is just, is showing women that it is so doable. However busy you are. You can fit this stuff into your life. And I think that when you start fitting it in, you start realizing that actually by not fitting it in, you get less done because by doing the exercise and feeding yourself well, going for the walks, it just makes you a more productive, energetic person. Therefore you get more done.

So it’s just about getting women to see this because sometimes it can feel like the world is closing in on us, can’t it? [00:23:00] And it can feel like adding exercise and thinking about what we’ve got to eat every day and finding time to go out for a walk. It feels like just more to add to the to-do list.

Annette Clubley: Yes.

Vicki Marks: I do try and show people which take it can take a little bit of time for them to see it for themselves, that by adding this stuff in, it’s going to make your to do list better, but people have to find this stuff out themselves, you know?

Annette Clubley: They do. They do. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. You’re the only one that can make it… that change. Okay. So you’ve talked about the fact that you do work with some people one to one i n your own space and then you have the membership program online. What is the best way for people to get hold of you? If they’re interested in finding out more?

Vicki Marks: I am a very big social media presence, Instagram and Facebook I’m on, and I’m very on my messages. So always message me on [00:24:00] there. Or you can always head over to my website, which is www.vickipt.com. So, yeah.

Annette Clubley: Okay. That’s nice and easy. And it’s Vicki, I, not Vicky. Y. Yeah.

Vicki Marks: This is Vicki with an I. Yes. And I’m always talking on Instagram stories about different topics and different things. So. Yeah, come over and find me on there.

Annette Clubley: Fabulous. Come along and have a listen. Well, yeah, I saw a couple of yours. Cause you share some of your story.. your Instagram reels across to Facebook, I saw a couple of those. And those were really good thought provoking, I think. Yeah. And then people can just drop you a direct message from their can’t they?.

Vicki Marks: 100% always.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah. Fabulous. Well, thank you so, so much for taking the time to talk to me today.

Vicki Marks: Thank you! Love it!

Annette Clubley: Yeah, it sounds absolutely fabulous. I mean, you know, I think there’s just, there’s so many women out there who just need, they [00:25:00] don’t need the protein shakes and they’re, you know, these weird diets and then, you know, all the, all the, you know, everyday exercising and extreme stuff. I just need a basic plan that they can follow, that’s easy enough that they can stick to it.

Vicki Marks: 100%.

Annette Clubley: And it just makes, as you say, a huge difference to your life, if you, you know what I mean? If it’s achievable. Yeah. Yeah.

Vicki Marks: I think freedom. I always think freedom’s the word like this is what I think that’s my favorite thing about what I do, I suppose, is giving women that freedom to not constantly think that they’re on a diet all the time and constantly think about when do I start again and how do I start again, just having that consistency of life. And it’s just something that, that fits in and you just do.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. Sounds absolutely fabulous. Okay. Well, I will drop links to your Facebook and Instagram and the website into the blog post so that people can come and find you. [00:26:00] And thank you for your time.

Vicki Marks: Thank you for having me.

You can find Vicki on Facebook, Instagram or her website https://www.vickipt.com/