EP4 – What is audience building anyway? Plus detoxing with guest Melissa Divinity

Hello and welcome back to self startups . Today. I’m talking about what is audience building anyway, and my guest in a few moments will be Melissa Divinity talking about self care and detoxing to help with health complaints.

So, what is audience building?

Audience building is all the marketing and sales activity that you work on to find new customers for your business.

It includes growing a social media following, it includes getting new subscribers, it includes bringing new people to your website and also assisting potential new customers. I cover all this and more in my program Audience Building from Scratch.

Why nailing your niche is important to audience building

Now you might be surprised to hear this, but audience building starts with deciding on who your ideal customer is, what they need and how you can help them

This may not be obvious to you as a part of audience building. You might not think your niche is connected, but it is fundamental to finding the right kind of people and knowing how to serve them. It’s fundamental to knowing what content to put out there. It’s fundamental to growing your email list.

So by nailing your niche, you can develop a strategy and that strategy then appeals to them. You can make offers that engage them. We can craft your content to fit in with their requirements. You can meet their needs, and that will attract them.

Filling the top of your sales funnel with new people is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, you won’t be able to make it. Businesses that have no new growth or are dependent on just a few inquiries won’t make it in the long run. There are lots of statistics out there about new businesses and how many fail. Businesses that are bringing in new people regularly are on the road to success.

Audience building also includes nurturing the people you’re already connected with and helping them along the journey to becoming a customer.

This is important because finding new customers is harder and it’s more expensive than keeping existing customers happy or converting already warm prospects. People need time to get to know, like, and trust you before they buy. People who are your fans will buy lots of your products and services.

So spend time looking after your existing audience, as this is critical to your audience building strategy.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought. Remember, you can always find info on my trainings at annetteclubley.com/learn.

Next, I’m going to be talking to Melissa Divinity on self care and detoxing to align your body, mind and spirit. Melissa is an interesting person who’s a detox alchemist, holistic health leader, and sound and light therapist. She’s also a yoga instructor and author based in Austin, Texas.

Okay, so hello Melissa. Today, I’m going to be talking to Melissa Divinity and we’re going to be, she’s a detox alchemist. So that sounds really interesting. I’m really looking forward to finding out more about how that works. And so we’re going to be talking a little [00:04:00] bit about self care. I’ve just been talking about the fact that it’s the cold season here in the UK and how that might help you, if you detox, how that might help you with self care and also how it might help you align your body, mind, and spirit. So that sounds like an awful lot for you to cover in 10 minutes to me, but hello.

Melissa Divinity: Hey, thank you.

Annette Clubley: I’m really glad that you took the time out to talk to me today. So start off by just telling us how did you get into what you’re doing?

Detoxing your body and losing weight

Melissa Divinity: Yes, thank you for asking. I got into it because I saw my mother suffering so much with being overweight and going to the doctors and not ever getting better, but getting worse and I really wanted to help her. So I looked into natural remedies and I started helping her and I got results fast.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s. Yeah, that’s really interesting. It’s [00:05:00] amazing how much our physical, physical health impacts on us. Isn’t it. So, you know, for me, it’s, you know, it’s dark and cold outside, so I’m probably not exercising as much as I should be and I think that, you know, it has a knock on effect on your health and your wellbeing and how you’re feeling. You know, all of that. So how did you move on from there?

Melissa Divinity: Yeah, I appreciate that. Well, once I started seeing results with her I started doing it also myself, you know, I altered it a little bit and I started getting really good results and then I was just helping my friends. Like I would notice my friends, like having a cold. Right. And I could hear them breathing and I would offer suggestions like a detox bath or certain powders, like. activated charcoal or bentonite clay to help remove metals and [00:06:00] molds and then food grade diatomaceous earth to help remove parasites.|

And they started getting really quick results. Like they would lose weight, they would start breathing better. And then I got into more natural remedies, like wild weeds and herbs and just adding teas to their protocol. And then they would get really quick results. They would lose weight and they feel better instantly like usually the next day and then just better and better every day for the next weeks, the next months and then they don’t really need my help because they have the protocol and plus adding minerals to their regimen was also very helpful.

Annette Clubley:
Okay. Okay. I can see that. I can see that because teas can be an almost instant pick me up can’t they? And depending on what they have in them, they can really help you. So, you know, I love fennel and licorice teas and that kind of thing. I just really love those. And [00:07:00] I ha at the moment I’ve got a chai tea, which has got cinnamon in it, I think, as well as half a dozen other things. But I think it’s the cinnamon that I really love. And that for me is just, it’s really super and I think that really helps me with blood sugar levels basically. So yeah, I can see how that would be a quick pick me up. How do you get people to stick with the program though?

Toxin removal from your body using home remedies

Melissa Divinity: Yeah, it’s so easy because it’s just a little add on daily because everyone has a routine, right. And so if, you know, okay, if I mix these powders together and I take a teaspoon of it every day, it’s not that challenging to do.
And then whenever you add incorporate like detox baths or certain minerals, you know, it’s very simple. And when you start seeing results, It encourages you to continue to do it. You can feel better and you look better. And it’s [00:08:00] just a simple act that doesn’t take much time. It’s not like I’m asking you to work out for an hour a day.You know, it, it just happens naturally. We start to remove toxins and you start to feel better and look better. And then you do have the energy to go work out for an hour.

Annette Clubley: Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And sometimes it’s really simple things that you touched on that on the, you know, the dietary additions, the sort of vitamins, minerals, that kind of thing. Sometimes it’s something simple like that, that we just don’t realize that we’re lacking because of our current diet. And they can be quite simple to just replace. And as you say, you know, they’re all you can, there are a myriad ways to get them. If you know, what foods contain the vitamins or the minerals that you need. There’s myriad ways to introduce that into your diet. Isn’t there. And then you do immediately start feeling better because you’re no longer lacking in whatever it was that was holding you back. So, yeah. Yeah. [00:09:00] So how do you normally work with people. Do you, I mean, everybody’s different obviously. Do people come to you and go but colds or I’ve got a headache or whatever, or, oh, I can’t lose weight. Is that the kind of problem that people typically come to you with?

Melissa Divinity: Yeah, totally. They don’t feel good. They have a cold, they need to lose weight, all those things. And usually if they’re on pharmaceuticals, we’ll go over like what they’re taking, what minerals are being depleted out of their system and then we’ll come up with a plan, like how to detox the poisons out of them, you know? And then they easily lose weight and they usually, you know, get rid of their cold faster. And, you know, we just incorporate like, We’re removing toxic foods that they’re taking. So we just go over their typical day, what they like to do.

And you know, if they’re taking any medications and I just discuss with them, like what you can do to [00:10:00] add in, or take out to help yourself feel better. And, you know, sometimes I’ll even go into like breath work or basic yoga moves to help them. ’cause when you align your body it helps align your life.

And then, you know, when, whenever they start on the regimen, it’s really simple. And I usually add like one thing a week and I have a 12 week program right now. It can be minimized to however long you want to work with me. But it’s like 12 weeks because we add one thing a week. So it’s really easy. And it happens naturally because they want to do it because they’re seeing results.

Annette Clubley: Yes. Yes. I was going to say to you, so do you break it down into two stages? So one is the detox and then the other is building up the things that they need in their diet. It’s typically like that. I love the idea of the 12 weeks and adding something a week, because I think probably if you gave me 12 different changes to make to my lifestyle right now, I probably go, oh, [00:11:00] no, sorry.
Haven’t got the time. Can’t be bothered, you know, and I would probably give up on it, but the one, one thing a week, is a good thing. And also the repetition over a period of time. So like 12 weeks then becomes a habit and then it’s just really easy to do. Isn’t it? You know, and keep doing it.

Melissa Divinity:
Yeah. Especially when you get results.

Like my daughter, she was getting ready for her wedding and we mixed a detox mix for her and she calls it her skinny powder because she’s like mom I was taking it and I wasn’t even working out and I was losing so much weight and I was like, yeah, you’re losing toxins because your body forms like a protective layer of fat around the toxins that make you look fat, but you’re not really fat.

It’s just your body’s, you know, amazing, wonderful, you know, ability to protect your organs from the toxins. And so that, you know, it [00:12:00] builds up this protective layer, so it doesn’t hurt your organs. And then when you remove those toxins, your cells can go back to their normal size.|

Annette Clubley: That’s really interesting, really interesting.
Who wouldn’t sign up to something that you didn’t have to do the exercise?
I do think I am one of those people who’s been relatively healthy all my life, basically. And I think that was just the way I was raised. So I know I’ve pretty much always eaten healthily. And so I’ve never really had that much to get rid off out of my diet. I don’t think, you know, I cook from scratch. I use fresh ingredients, you know, all that sort of thing on a daily basis.

And I do think that that makes a world of difference. [00:13:00] The fact that I do do that. So I know exactly what’s going into my food because now I start from scratch every evening. And yeah, I think that makes a world of difference. And I think that’s you know. Actually having said that, I should imagine that you would probably find some stuff just because of modern living.

You know. The way that we live, our modern lives introduces all sorts of chemicals and whatnot into our bodies that we don’t really want. Doesn’t it?

Melissa Divinity: We don’t even know what’s going in our body sometimes like they’re spraying chemicals on the ground, on the food and the air and the water. It’s like, there’s a lot that we don’t really know what’s in the water. So I, I recommend distilling your water and then making a tea, you know, and taking minerals.

And other things like iodine and magnesium, magnesium is huge in detoxing the body, you need magnesium in order to even detox. So, ..

Annette Clubley: [00:14:00] Okay. Okay. Yeah. Really interesting.

Melissa Divinity: Yeah, thank you. I really like to guide people to the most simplest, quickest way to get results, because that’s what I want and that’s what I wanted.
And my mom, and it works and I’m like, mom, you’ve been going to doctors for years and just getting worse. And you know, I will work with her for a year and she lost a hundred pounds.

Annette Clubley: Yeah.

Melissa Divinity: She didn’t even really change much of her diet. You know, of course that would be more helpful if you change your diet and stop eating sugars and processed foods and other things, but it’s not like an absolute, you don’t have to do it. You know, you can just start to incorporate these powders and minerals and you know, some breath work, if you want. Like there’s different layers to your healing and detoxing, depending on, you know, what your interests are.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. Very interesting. So the [00:15:00] 12 week program, is that a group program and it’s online is it?

Melissa Divinity: I have it online and I do meet with people once a week to just guide them and make sure they’re on track and answer any questions and, you know, see where they’re at. Because everyone is different. So I, I set aside an hour a week for anyone in the program to talk to me personally privately or in the group.

Annette Clubley: Okay. I was going to ask that because some people were probably, maybe not wanting to open up in a group setting and actually talk about what’s really bothering them and other people would have no problem at all, but yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. And so do you run that a couple of times a year? Or how often do you run that?

Good times to detox

Melissa Divinity: It’s ongoing. Anyone can sign up at any time. Yeah. And you know, most people do sign up in a detox seasons. Like we, our bodies will naturally detox with nature.

Annette Clubley: Okay.

Melissa Divinity: So whenever it’s getting [00:16:00] cold and you see the trees like losing their leaves it’s an indication that you’re going to start to remove toxins also.

Annette Clubley: Really interesting. So cyclical is it? And what about spring as well?

Melissa Divinity: Spring as well spring it’s usually the equinoxes and the solstices are the major turning points of the seasons. And also the cross quarter days, which are like the middle of those points, like May 1st and. I think it’s August 8th, but yeah, there’s a cross quarter day.

So there’s like eight major days in the year where most people will feel detox symptoms like colds or flus, but it’s just their body needing to cycle through and get rid of the toxins so that their body can perform and function better.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. And as well as the program, do you work with people 1:1?

Melissa Divinity: Yeah. Yeah. [00:17:00] It is a one-to-one program. You know, and then we have a group call that they’re welcome to jump on any time.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Okay. And you keep it going. So people join at different stages, but typically roundabout, those sorts of times and you, and then you just work with them with wherever they are in that 12 week process.

Melissa Divinity:
Yeah, definitely. And everyone starts off different, you know, we all start off with the same detox powders, and then we can add, you know, other remedies depending on what their situation is or what their expression is. Like. I have a lady I’m working with who didn’t have her menstrual flow for years. We started detoxing her and it came right back.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Yeah, I can imagine that. I can imagine that because it does play havoc with your cycles. Doesn’t it. And what about, what are the worst toxins that you think we, you see? What are the worst toxins that you see come up frequently that people probably aren’t aware of?[00:18:00]

How water can hide toxins

Melissa Divinity: Yeah, the worst toxins I believe are fluoride in the water and, you know, there’s, there’s some remedies for that easy remedies. Like iodine. Is it a really good remedy for that borax in the water to help pull the fluoride away from the body? Like all diets should include borax. And the other one would be mold like metals and molds. You know, mold usually has a really harsh effect on people. They think it’s allergies normally. But I find it to be molds and and bentonite clay really helps pull that out of the body.

And, you know, we have to also be careful with their liver. You know, if they’re having a liver expression like through the skin, you know, we’ll have to clean their liver before they get on a lot of these powders because it means their liver is functioning properly. So I do an assessment call with them, you know, and see where they’re at. And then I can recommend like the first step and the next step. And, and then they have access to all the [00:19:00] guides. As soon as they sign up, they can see all 12 weeks right away and see what’s coming next. And then there’s alternatives to some of the suggestions that I have if they don’t want to do that.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Really interesting. So, mold in your environment?. So in your home or whatever around you that you just don’t realize it’s there?

Melissa Divinity: Yeah, exactly. In the venting system and the, and the air conditioner outside, like there’s mold spores all over the place.

Annette Clubley: Yeah. Yeah, really fascinating. My daughter was just talking to me yesterday about a house that we lived in some years ago that we thought made us sick and it was a rented property. So we just moved out of it. And a friend of hers, has got the same thing. They’re renting a house at the moment. It’s just, as I know, I’m pretty sure that this lady is sick from this house. But I haven’t been able to convince her of that. This is the cause of your problems. So I think it is there sometimes when people just don’t [00:20:00] realize it, as you say, people assume that it’s allergies or something like that.

Really interesting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Really interesting. It would be interesting, but you know, to see what comes up for people. Because, you know, I think there is a lot of focus at the moment on sustainability and healthy environments. And everybody noticed that the sort of drop in in smog, you know, pollution and that sort of thing while we were all in lockdown.
And now it’s all coming back again and we’re all going well, do we really want to go back to this? And all of that plays into a decision as far as I’m concerned. On, you know, making changes in your life, you know, and, and aiming to have a healthier diet and a healthy lifestyle and all of that sort of thing.
And then that’s the impetus for people to then start looking around for a solution, basically. And I love the idea of, you know, sort of natural solutions. Cause I think there are a lot of natural, even household solutions to some of [00:21:00] the things that we need, you know, between foods and household solutions.
You can pretty much find everything that you need. And, and you feel a hundred percent better from it. And as you say, pretty quickly in most cases, so why wouldn’t you? Yeah.

Melissa Divinity: Right, exactly. You know, like we think that it’s one thing usually. When, once we detox and we get rid of the toxins and the symptoms go away, and some people want to suppress the symptoms with medication, and that just makes them come back, you know, in a stronger way later.

And Well, whenever I first started thinking of detox, like I was afraid to detox myself and I was like, that sounds so harsh. It sounds like it’s going to take a lot of time. And I would look into detox programs and they had a lot of like GMOs in themand you know, they, weren’t an organic, I was like, well adding toxins to detox does not make any sense.

And they’re expensive. And, you know, I was [00:22:00] like, I want to work with nature where there’s no toxins added. It’s simple, it’s easy. And answers just started coming to me and I would make. like smoothies with tonic herbs, like medicinal mushrooms that’s helpful with toxins too. And then the charcoal came to me and I did some research on the bentonite clay and the diatomaceous earth and like all these things that came into my awareness.

I started putting together and it just got really quick results with it. And then like psyllium seed, husk powder, and moringa. Like there’s a whole list. There’s a whole list of ingredients that you can mix to get your minerals and also pull out toxins. And it’s fun, you know, everyday to have a new nature to like I was making chai tea today, like you and yeah, it’s, it’s countless, you know, amounts of different ways we can put teas together or remedies to help [00:23:00] detox.

And it’s it’s, that’s why it’s alchemy, you know, and it’s fun and enjoyable because every day is going to taste different, you know, your tea and you get to experiment even with wild weeds, like dandelions or pine needles and, you know …

Annette Clubley: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love that. Yeah. Yeah. And, and I guess that some people then that’s why they come to you because they’re a bit worried about it.

And they want to know that, you know, they’ve, they’ve, you know, somebody is going to show them the way, basically show them what to do. And then they’ll probably, oh, you do find, people are surprised by how simple it is and how easy it is to maintain.

Melissa Divinity: Yeah, even me, I’m surprised by it. It’s like once you get started, You know, it could be daily at first and then eventually, you know, it’s like every other day or once a week, or, you know, it becomes a protocol like the seasons, you know, it’s like seasonal, okay.

[00:24:00] Maybe I’ll detox every two months, you know, for a week or two weeks. And it just, now your body is healthy. You can maintain it. You know, anytime you start to feel sniffles or whatever. Oh, maybe I should take extra magnesium or vitamin C. And, you know, some bentonite clay or, you know, you start to realize what ingredients do what, and you want to support your system so that your, you know, your vibrations high.

And then you’re thinking clear and you’re acting better. You’re getting more things done. You’re aligned with your purpose and also offer free natal chart readings to my clients. And that’s a whole nother level of knowing yourself and loving yourself on a deeper level.

Annette Clubley: Okay. Very interesting. Yeah. And which would you recommend you do first?

Melissa Divinity: Definitely detox first.

Annette Clubley: Okay.

Melissa Divinity: And you can clear your mind and your body and you’re not struggling. Right. And then when you, when you do get to hear [00:25:00] about your natal chart, your, you know planetary alignments and angles that were gifted to you at birth. Like it tells you your, your like life path, your purpose, your challenges, your gifts, like it gives you a lot of information and then it like helps you become more self-aware and then we talk, we talk about like balancing your chakras.

You know, like your energy portals in your body, they have to be clear and clean in order to raise your consciousness. And so that’s the ultimate goal of the detox. Like, yes. I want people to be healthy. You know, that is the first step. And then once you’re healthy, you can raise your consciousness. Like you can become more aware of your self, your daily actions and what you’re offering the world as a healthy, energetic being instead of a toxic one.

Annette Clubley: Hmm. Wow. Very interesting. The whole [00:26:00] next level but you need to clear yourself and your mind first, and then you can start moving forward with that. Okay. Very interesting then. Yeah. Yeah. Very interesting. Do you work with people on that at the moment. I mean, where. So basically how do we, how do we find out more? How do we work with you? Where do we find you all of that?

Melissa Divinity: I do have a website it’s under construction. But my phone numbers in there, you can message me on my website, melissadivinity.com. I am on Facebook. I have a Facebook group. And then my program’s also on Facebook and it’s on my website.

It’s being unveiled shortly on my website. I’m doing weekly videos, introduce each step just to help people like whenever they’re in the program. You know, get through the steps and see the simpleness of it, and then be able to prepare for our call, you know, with any questions that they have. So my phone number is on my [00:27:00] website.I take text messages and email or Facebook messages or my website. You can message me from there.

Annette Clubley: Fabulous. Okay. Okay. So there’s plenty of ways to get hold of you. And it sounds like it’s relatively easy to get in touch with you when we’re ready to. I’ll add links. I’ll drop links into the post as well, so that anybody who’s listening to. I can find you that way as well.

So thank you. Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me today. It’s been really interesting to find out more about you and, and, and sort of what you do. And yeah, certainly for me, because I think, you know, I think that’s really important to be mindful of what you’re putting into your body.

And you know I’m all for simple simple solutions that, you know, you can work into a busy life and you can set that cause that helps you keep going. So, yeah. Very interesting. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me.

Melissa Divinity: Awesome. You’re welcome. Thanks for the [00:28:00] opportunity. I really appreciate it this call.

Find Melissa on her website: https://www.melissadivinity.com/ or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/melissadivinitydotcom