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What my lovely community are saying about working & learning with me

Annette has an incredible amount of knowledge and know-how of the industry. In a short time, she delivered so much value! I got some really useful info and tips which I could implement immediately. Like what the latest trends are, the kind of posts I can use and more direction on how to use hashtags. These things would have probably taken me a day of full on googling and video tutorials to figure out!


Johanne Bade

Parent Coach

I absolutely loved watching this course. Some really valuable information and I loved how your personality shines through here. Great job!!!

Ronel de Jager photography

Ronel De Jager


Annette, thank you so much for bringing such value in your instagram training today. There were so many golden nuggets I truly can’t believe I’ve been on instagram for so many years and did not know about them. Everything I learned during your training today was super informative and I can’t wait to start implementing. Thanks again so much

Xajay Antigha

Xajay Antigha

Cake Business Coach

I learned so much about Instagram from your training! Thank you for sharing your expertise. The content was just what I needed to get started on my IG journey! I look forward to diving deeper into IG with your brand amplifying strategies.


Lillyrose Wonder

The Heartset Coach

I just purchased Annette Clubley’s “Find Your Keywords” Course, and all I can say is “Wow”! 

The course was clear, concise & easy to follow.

The way that Annette explains things with clear examples really helped me understand all the concepts, and the exercises & cheat sheets just tie it all together perfectly.

I wanted to increase my website’s visibility and get more traffic, and this has really set me on the right path. I can’t wait to get started!

Paul Read

Business Consultant

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